Privacy Policy

Visilex VisiMob fully respect your privacy, and spare no effort to protect your personal information. Under normal circumstances, you do not need to provide any personal information, you can use UOB VisiMob APP application. For a specific purpose, if you fill in the form of voluntary registration or subscription of electronic information required name, gender, types of travel documents and identification number, date of birth, country, e-mail, telephone, address and zip code, wish to provide services or preference information as well as other similar personal information that you have to understand and accept the use of your personal information and agreed UOB VisiMob for the specific purpose of using your personal information. Meanwhile, in order to operate and improve Visilex VisiMob technology and services, UOB will likely correct itself collect, use or provide the user’s non-personally identifiable information to third parties, which will help Visilex VisiMob provide a better user to user Experience and quality of service.
Visilex VisiMob commitment at any time, under any circumstances will not sell your personal information, Visilex VisiMob will only allow the use of information obtained or obtained in accordance with the terms of the user explicitly authorized within the scope of the law. But UOB VisiMob reason to believe that there is necessary to protect UOB VisiMob , customers or the public, may also be as small as possible within the scope of the disclosure of certain personal information, should have foreseen and agreed at the time you provide personal information that The occurrence of cases.